Teaching (English language, grammar, writing, interview skills, etc.)

Who am I?

See my LinkedIn page for my work experience and qualifications.

I have VERY FEW time slots still available to provide English classes to students of all ages.

I work directly for Excel Education and Excel Media Group. Please book directly with them as they control the timetable. I cannot accept bookings personally. They also have female teachers if you prefer.

We are located directly above Jordan MTR station, so are very easy to find. 

I currently teach the following:

  • Cambridge YLE (starters, movers, flyers levels) using various coursebooks;
  • Cambridge courses for older children, e.g. KET, PET, Th!nk, etc;
  • adult general English classes using various course materials;
  • business English (writing or speaking);
  • news discussion classes (to improve speaking and opinion sharing);
  • presentation skills;
  • Inbox Zero and concise writing methods; and
  • civil service interview preparation, including Police promotion practice.

Alternatively, I can cover any topic using your preferred materials.

Please note, as it’s very often questioned, that most courses must be linked to some form of book or externally-produced materials. There are a variety of reasons for this. Firstly, because experts have already produced good materials that I do not have the time to create. Secondly, because even if the aim is better pronunciation and speaking, it is important to have a structure and a theme to link the work to. Finally, because materials provide good opportunities for homework and revision. Tangible books are better than just scribbling ideas on a notepad.

We don’t force you to buy a certain book. You can choose the best one for you. You can also provide your own if there are specific materials that you already use elsewhere. Using materials is not about making money but making better classes.

We will work with you to find the best materials and timetable to suit you or your child.